The Sim Racing Studio Premium Add-on Subscription provides additional features beyond just the Base License. You can find more information regarding the difference between a Sim Racing Studio Base License and the Premium Add-on Subscription here. To purchase a Premium Add-on Subscription, visit our store here.

Use the Activating your SRS License Key article here to activate your subscription. If you have forgotten your subscription license key, use the Retrieving your SRS License Key help page here

To manage your Sim Racing Studio Premium Add-on Subscription, you can access your subscription dashboard from within Sim Racing Studio. Go to SETUP > License and click on the Manage button in the OPERATION column. You can also sign in directly to your account to manage your subscription by clicking here. If you have forgotten your password, please click here to reset it.

This will open up the Dashboard where you can manage your Sim Racing Studio Premium Add-on Subscription. You will see your Next Bill Date at the top. Use the toolbar on the left for to manage your Subscription.

Click on Subscriptions on the left to show details regarding your Premium Add-on Subscription. Here you can Edit the Payment Method used for your Premium Add-on Subscription or Cancel your subscription.

Click on Payment Methods to view your current payment method for your Premium Add-on Subscription. You can add a new payment method or remove you current one. Use the Subscriptions page to Edit your subscription if you add a new payment method.

Click on Billing History to view your previous Premium Add-on Subscription payments and when your next payment is scheduled. 

The remaining buttons are not utilized to manage your Sim Racing Studio Add-on Subscription. 

  • The My Profile button will show the current address associated with your account. 
  • The Cart button will show any pending Subscription purchases you are about to make. 
  • The Browse button will show basic information regarding the Premium Add-on Subscription. 

When you are finished managing your Premium Add-on Subscription, you can simply close the browser window. You do not need to Logout. 

If you have any issues managing your Sim Racing Studio Premium Add-on Subscription, please submit a New Support Ticket from the top of this page.