Below are the differences between a Sim Racing Studio Base License and the Premium Add-On Subscription.

Sim Racing Studio Base License
  • Required for Motion Hardware and Sim Racing Studio U-Shake6 and ShakeKits 
  • Required for DIY Bass Shaker setups to operate
  • Not required for SIM3D or iFlag devices.  Licenses for these devices can be purchased individually or as part of a bundle.
  • Not required for Sim Racing Studio Wind Kits
  • Works with all games that are telemetry based and supported by Sim Racing Studio
  • Immediate access to new and classic games implemented all the time 
  • Will continue to be supported and enhanced with frequent updates

Sim Racing Studio Premium Add-On Subscription (Free Trial Available)

Gives you access to all of Sim Racing Studio's Premium functionality for only $19.99 a year! 
  • Joystick Motion functionality for games that do not provide motion telemetry 
  • Provides additional Shaker effects
  • Mobile Companion to access Sim Racing Studio from a phone or tablet
  • Pro-Tune Profile Downloads (not available in FREE TRIAL) 
  • Cloud Tune Sharing and importing (not available in FREE TRIAL)
  • Motion Compensation
  • Intellitune WIzard for motion platforms
  • Cloud Backup & Restore
Once a year $19.99 subscription fee (equivalent of only $1.67 a month...Less than a coffee!).
A Sim Racing Studio Base License is a pre-requisite for Motion Hardware, SRS Shake Kits and DIY Bass Shakers. A Premium Add-On Subscription adds additional features listed above, but you must have a Base License first.