If Sim Racing Studio can’t connect automatically to your DOF Reality platform, try the following steps:

  1. Open Windows Device Manager
  2. Expand the Ports (COM & LPT) section
  3. Verify you see a device listed as USB-SERIAL CH340
  4. If you do not see a CH340 device listed, please contact DOF Reality for a drivers update.
  5. If you do see a CH340 device listed, take note of the COM port number and try the following steps: 
    1. Download the DOF Reality Assembly Instructions for your model from their website here. 
    2. In the DOF Reality Assembly Instructions, go to Section 5.2 'If one or more of your motors are stuck in an improper position and don’t seem to respond'.
    3. Close Sim Racing Studio
    4. Follow the instructions to run the Sine test using the SMC3Utils.exe.
    5. If the Sine test fails and your platform does not move (green line flat or not together with the dark blue line), please contact DOF Reality at support@dofreality.com as the issue is either firmware or hardware related.
    6. If the Sin test passes and the platform moves (green line moving together with the dark blue line), try the following steps: 
      1. Close Sim Racing Studio completely. Do not just minimize it. You can verify if Sim Racing Studio is still running if it shows up in the Windows Task Manager under Background processes as SimRacingStudio.App. 
      2. Go to your ...\Documents\SimRacingStudio 2.0 folder
      3. Open the config.ini file in Notepad
      4. Scroll down to the [MOTIONBOX] section
      5. Verify it shows the correct DOF Reality model in the "model =" section
      6. This should match the same model you selected in Sim Racing Studio in SETUP > Hardware > Motion
      7. Scroll down to the [DOF REALITY] section
      8. Hard code the COM Port of the CH340 controller you located in Windows Device Manager from Step 5.
        1. Use the left_controller_com_port if you have just one DOF Reality control box (M2, MP2, H2, P2, H3, P3).
        2. Use the left_controller_com_port and the right_controller_com_port if you have two DOF Reality control boxes (H6, P6)
      9. When entering the COM Port number, use the following format "COM72" without the quotation "" marks. For example: left_controller_com_port = COM72
        1. Ensure that you use capital letters and do not insert extra spaces
      10. Save the config.ini file and close Notepad
      11. Restart your PC
      12. Open Sim Racing Studio