Profiles that you create in the Tuning pages are stored in the Profile Manager. The Profile Manager allows you to view, edit, reset, export and share your profiles in the Sim Racing Studio Cloud Share.

When you first enter a new game, Sim Racing Studio will utilize a default profile that has been tuned for the game. This means the motion, wind, shake or other profiles that are used might not be the best one for the specific vehicle you're driving. The settings and telemetry in racing for a F1 are very different than those used for a GT3. The same concept applies to flight sims as a profile for a Cessna 172 Skyhawk is very different than one used for a F-18 Hornet. See the Quick Motion Tuning Guide 
to quickly adjust a motion profile. Detailed tuning guides are also available for the following by clicking on them: 

Until you create a specific vehicle profile by editing it in the Tuning pages and saving it while in the game, Sim Racing Studio will utilize the default profile for the game automatically. Once you create a specific vehicle profile and save it, Sim Racing Studio will then use that specific profile automatically whenever you load that vehicle in the game.

To access the Profile Manager, click on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right inside the PROFILE IN USE window. Note: You are unable to access the Profile Manager while a game is running.

Once the Profile Manager loads, you can utilize the Search a game box at the top to quickly find the game you are wanting to manage. The Profile Manager will begin filtering games that match your Search so you can find it easily.

In the Profile Manager, a default game motion profile will be the one associated with the game name. For example, the default motion profile used for all cars until you save a specific profile for iRacing will be the simply be called iRacing and you would select the buttons to the right of it's name to manage it's default profile.

If you have saved a specific vehicle's motion profile after you have tuned it, it will show up under the game name once you expand the list. Click on the + icon next to the game's name to view all your vehicle specific motion profiles you have created for that game. 

EDIT - When you select the Edit button (pen writing icon), Sim Racing Studio will load that motion profile as if you were in the game. 

You can verify what game and vehicle is loaded as it will be displayed in the PROFILE IN USE window along with the Editing Profile message. Below is an image of the default iRacing game profile when selected.

If you select a vehicle specific profile, you will see the game name and the vehicle's name in the PROFILE IN USE window.

Motion, Wind, Shake, Active Belt and all other Hardware available in the TUNING pages will now be available to tune as if you were in the game. PROFILE IN USE will continue to display Editing Profile on each page indicating you are in tuning mode.

IMPORTANT: Once you are done making adjustments to your Motion, Wind, Shake, Active Belt and other profiles, ensure you click the SAVE button in the upper right in the PROFILE IN USE window to save the profile in Sim Racing Studio. If you do not click SAVE, the settings you adjusted will be lost.

When you click the SAVE button, you will be presented with a window that provides two options. You can save the profile adjustments to the specific vehicle profile you are editing, or you can save the profile as the new default profile for that game.

If you want to save the changes for that specific vehicle profile, click the Confirm button.

If you want to save the changes you made to be the new default profile that will now be utilized for all vehicles that do not already have a vehicle specific profile, click the Save configuration for drop down menu and select the game name instead of the vehicle.

With the game name selected, once you click Confirm it will now be the default profile for the game.

RESET - If you want to reset a profile, click on the RESET button (two arrows in a circle). For a vehicle specific profile, it will delete the profile and remove the vehicle from the list so it will now utilize the default profile for the game. If you RESET the game profile, it will remove any changes you have saved to the profile and utilize the default profile that is provided by Sim Racing Studio.

EXPORT - The EXPORT button (arrow and box icon) will allow you to save the profile to a .srs file and automatically download it to your Downloads folder on your PC. The file name will either be the game name or the game name and the vehicle name depending on what profile you exported. This file can be utilized as a backup on your own computer or used as a way to save multiple profiles for games that don't export vehicle name telemetry (See the Multiple Motion Profiles guide for more information).

You can also export all your Sim Racing Studio profiles at once into a zip file to backup your profiles. Click the Export All button at the bottom of the Profile Manager window and the zip file called srs_export_all will be downloaded to your Downloads folder on your PC. Sim Racing Studio also provides the same functionality of backing up your profiles automatically within the SRS Cloud with the Premium Add-on Subscription.

To import an .srs file profile, simply double click on the file and Sim Racing Studio will confirm if you want to import the profile. Click Confirm to import the profile. One imported, be sure to click SAVE in the PROFILE IN USE window to save the profile in Sim Racing Studio.

Note: The Profile Manager does not allow importing of profiles if 1) the vehicle names don't match for the profiles or 2) if the profile is from a different game. This is to prevent any unintended issues of a profile's setting causing extreme motion due to each game and vehicle potentially having different max telemetry values. If required, manually copy the settings from a screen shot of the other profile and save it when completed. 

If you want to copy a vehicle profile to other vehicles in the same game, you can 1) save the vehicle profile as the default game profile 2) RESET the target vehicle's profile 3) load the target vehicle into the game so it will now have the default profile 4) Save the profile so it's now the profile for the target vehicle.

SHARE - The SHARE button (cloud icon) allows you to share your profile with everyone else using Sim Racing Studio who has a Premium Add-on Subscription. This allows other users to easily download your profile from the Tuning pages whether they are in game or also editing their profiles with the Profile Manager. Once you share a profile, a check mark will appear on the cloud icon. 

Once you are done in the Profile Manager, click the Close button in the lower right.