Please use the troubleshooting steps below to resolve issues with not getting telemetry from a game: 

  1. Verify the game is Ready to play
  2. Check network and Windows Firewall settings
  3. Reset the UDP ports
  4. SimHub is blocking ports
  5. Using an app that requires UDP forwarding
  6. Fresh Install of Sim Racing Studio

1. Verify the game is Ready to play 

Check if the game is listed as Ready to play by following the guidance here: 

2. Check network and Windows Firewall settings

If you are having issues with not getting telemetry, please try the following steps:

  1. Check your Windows Defender Firewall settings and ensure simracingstudio and SimRacingStudo App is allowed to communicate through the Firewall by placing a check mark in both the Private and Public boxes.

  2. If Sim Racing Studio and the game are still unable to connect to provide telemetry, try resetting the Windows Defender Firewall settings for Sim Racing Studio
    1. Exit Sim Racing Studio (Make sure it is also not running in the Windows Task Manager) 
    2. Delete/Remove all simracingstudio and SimRacingStudo App entries in Windows Defender Firewall 
    3. Reopen Sim Racing Studio
    4. When prompted, make sure you Allow/Accept all private and public connections from Sim Racing Studio
  3. If using a console game or utilizing the Sim Racing Studio Mobile Companion App, verify that your PC and your mobile phone or tablet are on the same home network. They must also be on the same 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz channel. Also check to ensure your mobile device is set to automatically connect to your home network WiFi connection.

3. Reset the UDP ports

If you are not getting telemetry data from a game that utilizes UDP ports (indicated by having a Gear icon in the PORT field of the GAMES > Console page), please try the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Close the game.
  2. In Sim Racing Studio, go GAMES and select PC or Console depending on the game type.
  3. Check if the game is listed as Ready to play. If not, follow the guidance here.
  4. If the game is Ready to play, click on the GEAR icon next to the game name.
  5. Change the Game UDP Listening Port field to a different Port number. It can be any random number, but must be different than the one listed. This will reset the game and allow Sim Racing Studio to reconfigure the UDP Port. 
  6. Select the Confirm button.
  7. Click SAVE in the PROFILE IN USE box in the upper right of Sim Racing Studio. 
  8. Close and re-open Sim Racing Studio.
  9. Go to GAMES again and click on the CONFIG button or follow the Instruction that are listed to reconfigure the game. 
  10. Now open the game.
  11. Check if telemetry is now being received by Sim Racing Studio via the PROFILE IN USE box as it will display a green WiFi like symbol next to Telemetry Data.

4. SimHub is blocking ports

If you are using SimHub and Sim Racing Studio at the same time, there is a possibility that SimHub is blocking COM ports that allows for telemetry to work correctly. To fix the issue with SimHub, please follow the steps below:

  1. Open SimHub
  2. Go to Arduino
  3. Select My Hardware
  4. Confirm the COM Port for the device that is blocked
  5. Select Never Scan Selected Ports for that blocked device

5. Using an app that requires UDP forwarding

If you're using an app that requires UDP forwarding of telemetry; ensure the COM ports are allowing Sim Racing Studio to receive the telemetry as well. You can setup UDP port forwarding for Sim Racing Studio by following the guidance here:

5. Fresh Install of Sim Racing Studio

If the previous steps were unable to resolve the issue of not receiving telemetry from a game, please try a Fresh Install of Sim Racing Studio. This will remove any configuration files that might have become corrupted. To perofyou're