Please use the guidance below to setup your YawVR motion platform to work with Sim Racing Studio. The guide will cover the following topics:

  • Sim Racing Studio Setup
  • Game Setup

  • Using YawVR with a Game

  • YawVR Motion Tuning

Sim Racing Studio Installation

  1. Close all other motion software before installing Sim Racing Studio.
  2. Download and install Sim Racing Studio from here.
  3. Once Sim Racing Studio is installed, follow the guidance here to activate your license.

Hardware Configuration 

  1. Once your license has been activated, click SETUP at the top and select Hardware in the left toolbar.  
  2. Scroll down to MOTION and set the Manufacturer to YawVR and select your model type in the Model field. 
  3. Click on SAVE in the upper right of Sim Racing Studio in the PROFILE IN USE box to save your changes.
    Sim Racing Studio will start searching for your YawVR platform and will display a green check mark in the HARDWARE STATUS box next to Motionbox once it connects. 
  4. Now click on the Gear icon to the right of the Model field to set your Power and Limits.
  5. Set the Power and Limits to the following:

  6. If you have a Yaw2 platform, skip to Step 7. If you have a YawVR (1) platform, continue below: 
    1. The YawVR will require it to be centered and calibrated before use. A pop-up message will appear if your platform has not yet been centered.
    2. If you dismiss the pop-up message, click on TUNING at the top of Sim Racing Studio.
    3. Ensure the YawVR platform is level with the ground.
    4. Click on the Center button (target icon) in the upper right of the Tuning page. 
    5. Click on SETUP and then select Hardware in the left toolbar to return to the Hardware Setup page.

  7. To test motion, sit in your YawVR platform so it is balanced.
  8. In the Motion section of the SETUP page, click on the Start Test button.
  9. Use the Test sliders by moving them left to right to test that the platform is moving correctly.
  10. Once finished, click the Stop Test button.

Your YawVR platform is now setup and ready to be used with a game!

Game Setup

Sim Racing Studio will attempt to automate any games that are supported to make them ready to play. If the game is installed on your PC and it's ready to play with no further action needed, you will see Ready to play listed in the STATUS column in the GAMES > PC or Console page. You can find more information on making a game Ready to play here. For Console games, please use the guidance here.

If you have issues making a Sim Racing Studio supported game work with your YawVR platform, please submit a New Support Ticket at the top of this page. 

Using YawVR with a Game

Sim Racing Studio will automatically connect to a game once its started. However, some games might require you to start the race to connect whereas others might connect from the main menu.

You can verify your YawVR is connected to the game from the status shown in the PROFILE IN USE box in the upper right of Sim Racing Studio. There are 3 game statuses available: 

  1. STAND BYIndicates a game is not running and Sim Racing Studio is standing by to start.
  2. GAME RUNNINGIndicates a game is detected; however, no telemetry to move platform has yet to be received. For some games this is normal as they only send telemetry once you are on the track or in the air within the game
    1. The GAME RUNNING status allows you to use the TUNING -> MOTION page in order to make changes to the tuning parameters for the game. 
  3. TELEMETRY DATA: Indicates that Sim Racing Studio is receiving telemetry data from the game for motion. If there is a green check mark next to Motionbox in the HARDWARE STATUS box, the platform will be moving based on the telemetry from the game. If there is no motion, ensure the YawVR platform is turned On. 
    1. You can get additional information on hardware statuses by hovering your cursor over the items listed in the HARDWARE STATUS box. 

YawVR Motion Tuning

  • To make basic adjustments to motion, use the Quick Motion Tuning guide here.
  • For detailed information on motion tuning, use the Motion Tuning Guide found here.