Use the following guidance to setup your Sim Racing Studio Wind Kit. The guide applies to all current kits including the "Hurricane" Power Wind Kit Package, Hurricane "Tube Edition" Power Wind Package, and Tony Kanaan "Hurricane" Wind Simulator - Limited Edition and previous Double-the-Fan Wind Kits. If you have any issues during setup, please see the Wind Kit Troubleshooting page.

1. Connect the SRS Intellibox to your PC using the USB cable provided.

SRS Intellibox

2. Connect the Intellibox to the Fans using the provided Ethernet cables connecting the left fan to the Wind Left Ethernet port and the right fan to the Wind Right Ethernet port.

3. Connect the Fans to the Power Supply using the Power Y-Splitter Cable provided (use the 2 round outputs).

4. Connect the Power Supply to a wall socket. Once connected to the wall socket, make sure you see the Blue LED on the Power Supply. If the Blue LED is not lit up, verify the cable is inserted all the way into the Power Supply by pushing the cable firmly into the Power Supply Brick. 

5. Install Sim Racing Studio onto your PC from our Downloads page

6. Launch Sim Racing Studio and navigate to SETUP > Hardware

7. In the WIND section field for Type, verify it says Fan. If you have a Blower or Turbo (Discontinued), select those options; otherwise, utilize Fan for Type. 

8. In the # Fans/Blowers, select 2+ if you have at least two Fans.

9. IMPORTANT: Click SAVE in the upper right in the PROFILE IN USE box to save your settings in Sim Racing Studio.

10. In the HARDWARE STATUS box on the right side in Sim Racing Studio, verify Intellibox has a GREEN check next to its name. If there is no green check mark and it instead has a red X in HARDWARE STATUS for the Intellibox, please utilize the Intellibox Troubleshooting.

11. Test the Wind Kit by clicking on the button next to Wind in the HARDWARE STATUS box which is currently set to AUTO. This will change the button to ALWAYS ON and after approximately 5 seconds, the Fans should be blowing at max power. If the Fans are not working, check steps above again or troubleshooting below.

12. Click the Wind button again which will set the Wind to OFF, then press the Wind button one more time to set Wind back to AUTO.

13. Mount the Fans or Tubes to your platform. It's recommend to have the Fans or Tubes approximately 40-60 cm (16 to 24 inches) from your body for optimal wind speed. You can find some mounting ideas on the Sim Racing Studio Instagram page

If you have the aluminum profile adapter for your Wind Kit, please see the video here for guidance on installation. 

14. In Sim Racing Studio, go to the GAMES tab at the top and scroll down to check if your games are Ready to play. If not, please follow use How to make a game Ready to play instructions.  

15. Use the Wind Tuning Guide for information on how to tune your Wind Kit. It is recommended to keep the Power Range above 40 to 50%

Note: Sim Racing Studio does not require a license for use of the SRS Wind Kits.

Your Sim Racing Studio Wind Kit is now setup and ready to use. Have fun!

If you have any issues with your Wind Kit, please utilize the Wind Kit Troubleshooting.