To make a game ready to play in Sim Racing Studio, select SETUP at the top and then select Games on the left.
  • Sim Racing Studio will attempt to automate any games that are supported to make them ready to play. If the game is installed on your PC and it is ready to play with no further action needed, you will see Ready to play listed in the STATUS column. 
  • If the game is not installed on your PC, you will see Not installed listed in the STATUS column.
  • If the game is installed but needs to changes made within the menus of the game that Sim Racing Studio is unable to automate, click the INSTRUCTIONS button and you will be provided with instructions on what to do to make the game ready to play.
  • If the game is installed but still needs additional files to be loaded by Sim Racing Studio, you will see a CONFIG button in the STATUS column. Click the CONFIG button to make the game ready to play.
  • If a game stops working, it might require an update. Click on the UPDATE button and try again.

If you have any issues with a game not being Ready to play, please try the manual configuration steps found here.

If you are still unable to get the game Ready to play, please create a New Support Ticket at the top of this page.