Sim Racing Studio's Routines is an experimental feature that will allow you to setup Fanalab, Simcube 2 True Drive Paddock, and CrewChief to load your profiles when launching a specific game. 

To access Routines, select TUNING at the top of Sim Racing Studio and then select Routines in the left toolbar. The Routines configuration options will be disabled until you launch a game. If you do not see Routines listed in the toolbar, update Sim Racing Studio to the latest version via our Downloads page here:

Once you launch a game, the configuration options will not be available to select. 

If Sim Racing Studio is able to detect that you have installed the support applications, you will then be able to select the Options button for that app. This will pull up a new window:

Be  sure to change the Status to ON and then select the specific Profile in the drop down menu from the app you're setting up the Routine.

When done, be sure to click the Confirm button in the lower right of the window.

The Routine is now set! Next time you launch that game and have Sim Racing Studio running along with Fanalab, Simcube 2 True Drive Paddock or CrewChief, Sim Racing Studio will automatically load that profile for you.  

If you have any issues with Routines, please submit a new ticket to customer service here: