The Intellitune Motion Wizard an easy way to create a new motion profile for any new vehicle in any supported game. It provides a motion profile based on the performance of the vehicle and your driving style that can be easily fine tuned to your preferences. You only need to drive for 3 minutes to the peak of performance of the vehicle without crashing or other incidents, and the Intellitune Motion Wizard will use that data to generate the motion profile.

The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning feature of the Intellitune Motion Wizard also takes into consideration highly rated motion profiles from the community to ensure the motion profile will work best for your vehicle. Over time, the motion profiles for different platforms, games, and vehicles will improve the new motion profiles created. The Intellitune Motion Wizard is a continuous improvement tuning engine. 

The Intellitune Motion Wizard currently only works for driving simulators.

The Intellitune Motion Wizard requires a Premium Add-on Subscription. You can find more information about the differences between a Base License and a Premium Add-on Subscription here.

How to use the Intellitune Motion Wizard

Before launching the vehicle into the game, you must decide what track to utilize. Using a track that has different elevation changes, fast curves, hairpin turns, S-corners, low and high rumble strips and many other typical racing conditions will provide the most balanced motion profile possible. Tracks like Suzuka, Spa and Donnington are recommended. Flatter tracks like Silverstone or Sebring aren't recommended if the motion profile will be used on other tracks.

Once a track is selected, be sure you are also proficient at driving the vehicle on the selected track. The data collected during the 3 minutes of driving should match how the vehicle would perform in an actual race.

Note: An audible voice command will initiate once the Intellitune Motion Wizard is launched to assist users in VR. Ensure the volume on your speakers or VR headset is adjusted accordingly.

1. While in a game, go to the TUNING page and click on the Intellitune Wizard button. If the button is greyed out, the Intellitune Motion Wizard is not available for the selected game (Non-driving games are not supported).

2, When you are ready to start a 10 second countdown timer to begin driving, click the Next button. 

3, Once the timer counts down, begin racing. If you plan to race from rolling starts, begin the 3 minutes while moving. If you plan to race from a static starting line, start at the line and begin when the the time counts down. 

4. Once Sim Racing Studio notifies you that the telemetry data has been captured, re-launch the Intellitune Motion Wizard to review the generated motion profile.

5. In the drop down menu to the right of Motion Preference, choose either SOFT, MEDIUM or AGGRESSIVE and then click Apply. 

IMPORTANT: When Apply is selected, the changes made are not saved. The values are temporarily changed so you can test the motion profile and adjust the Motion Settings or other Effects to your personal preference. 

If you prefer the motion profile you had prior to launching the Intellitune Motion Wizard, select the Cancel button and the settings will revert to your original motion profile.

If you want to keep the motion profile, click the SAVE button in the upper right of Sim Racing Studio. 

How to adjust the Intellitune Motion Wizard profile

To adjust the strength preference of a saved Intellitune Motion Wizard profile, simply change the SOFT, MEDIUM or AGGRESSIVE option that is now available next to the Intellitune button. You do not need to run the wizard to collect driving data again.