Below is the guidance on how to forward UDP telemetry from Sim Racing Studio.

Some games use UDP telemetry to send data for motion, shaking, wind, etc. Unfortunately, many of these UDP games can only connect directly to a single program. 

Sim Racing Studio's UDP Port Forwarding feature will allow you to use Sim Racing Studio to receive the UDP telemetry directly from the game and then Forward it to another UDP Port utilized by another software program. This will allow other software to work seamlessly with Sim Racing Studio.

To use UDP Port Forwarding in Sim Racing Studio:

  1. In Sim Racing Studio, click on GAMES at the top
  2. Select either PC or Console depending on what type of game you using
  3. Scroll down until you find the game
  4. Click on the Gear icon in the Port column
  5. Enter the Port you want to Forward to in the Port field next to the Add button. The IP address of is your local PC. Using this process assumes the other software your forwarding to will be running on same PC and listening to the Port you have entered. In the image below, the Port 30003 has been entered. 
  6. If you want to Port Forward to software on a different PC on your network, enter the IP address of that PC in the IP field. Ensure that both of your PCs can see each other on your network prior to Forwarding a Port. 
  7. Once you have entered the Port (and IP address of a different PC if needed), click on Add
  8. Now click on Confirm
  9. You can repeat Steps 5 through 8 if you want to Forward multiple Ports and/or IP address at the same time. 
  10. Once done, click on SAVE in the PROFILE IN USE box in the upper right of Sim Racing Studio to save your changes. 

An example of port forwarding below shows the UDP forwarding from SRS to SimHub to SimCommander4:

From SRS 20777 to SimHub 20778 to SC4 10001