Sim Racing Studio includes default Shaker profiles when first setting up your Shaker hardware. These profiles have been optimized by Sim Racing Studio and cannot be modified. These include: 

  • 1 Speaker – Center
  • 2 Speakers - Center/Sub
  • 2 Speaker - Front Left/Right

  • 4 Speakers - FL, FR, RL, RR

  • 6 Speakers - 5.1

  • SRS ShakeKit or SRS Shakebox Elite

  • SRS Shakebox Elite + Sub + Center

  • SRS UShake6

However, if you have a Shaker combination that would not fall into this category - OR - you want more control over which Shaker receives a specific effect, you can create an Advanced Shaker Profile. You will also have the ability to set the default strength/volume for specific Shakers prior to adjustments of the Shaker tuning sliders.

There are 6 channels available for Shaker outputs, these include:

  • FL = Front Left

  • FR = Front Right

  • CE = Center

  • SUB = Subwoofer

  • RL = Rear Left

  • RR = Rear Right

Which channels are utilized will depend on the type of ShakeKit you have and how your Shaker system is setup.

Each one of these channels can be customized to include one, some, or all of the potential Shaker effects. They can also be customized to the Front, Rear, Left of Right channels.

To create an Advanced Shaker Profile:

  1. Open SRS and go to SETUP > Hardware
  2. In the SHAKERS section, select a default profile that is similar to your intended Advanced Shaker Profile.

  3. Click on the 'Duplicate selected profile" (the small two-page icon).

  4. In the Duplicate select profile box, rename it to represent the Advanced Shaker Profile and click Confirm.

  5. Once renamed and Confirm is selected. Your new Advanced Shaker Profile is available and the Gear icons to the right of the Test button will be select able.

  6. Next, click on the GEAR icon for the Shaker channel you want to customize and the Shakers Profile Advanced Config window will open.
    These include:
    • Engine

    • Gear

    • Vert G 

    • Impact

    • Suspension

    • Front Left

    • Front Right

    • Rear Left

    • Rear Right

    • Long G Acceleration

    • Rear Left

    • Rear Right

    • Long G Deceleration

    • Front Left

    • Front Right

    • Lateral G

    • Left

    • Right

    • Traction Loss

    • Left 

    • Right

  7. Set the strength of each effect for that specific channel.

  8. Click Confirm once you are done adjusting the sliders.

Your Advance Shaker Profile will now be applied to all Shaker Tunings for all games. You can tune each individual sim Shaker effects by following the Shake Tuning tuning guide