The major difference between the U-Shake6 and ShakeKits (Regular or Plus) is that the U-Shake6 is 6 individual channels and ShakeKits were only 4. The ShakeKit Plus had 6 shakers, but the 2 in the lower back were replicated as the back of the seat. See the graph at the bottom of the page for more details.

U-Shake6 = 6 shakers and 6 channels

ShakeKit Plus = 6 shakers and 4 channels

ShakeKit = 4 shakers and 4 channels

What is the difference between 6 channels in the U-Shake6 and just 4 channels in the ShakeKit?

The extra 2 channels makes a huge difference! For example, the engine effect (which shakes all the time) is moved from the Front Left (FL), Front Right(FR), Rear Left (RL), and Rear Right (RR) channels and redirected to Center (CE) and Sub channels to work independently. 

From making this switch, you get a better feeling from the suspension, gear changes, traction loss, Anti-Lock Breaking System (ABS), and other effects from the Front Left, Front Right, Rear Left, and Rear Right channels in the seat that are no longer also used for the engine effect. .

You can also customize which effect goes to each shaker in the U-Shake6 by using the Sim Racing Studio Advanced Shaking Configuration. Click here for more information.